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Show PHP-Source Code

Easy function that shows the PHP-Source Code of the page with syntax high lighting. Might be quite useful just copy it to you page and call it when you want to show you code:

echo '<p> This is the code php file: </ p>';
 $page = highlight_file($_SERVER [ 'SCRIPT_FILENAME'], TRUE);
 $page = str_replace (
 array ( '<code>', '/ code>', '','</ are >','< font color ="'),
 array ( '<pre style="padding:1em;border:2px solid black;overflow:scroll">', '/ pre>', '','</ span >','< span style = "color:' ), $page);
 echo $page;
 echo '<a <p> href="',$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],'"> Back </ a> </ p>';
 echo '</ body> </ html>';

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